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that communicates, connects and engages customers with dynamic content

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Custom Software Design

I develop custom software solutions for Windows Desktop PC (Visual Studio 2010/2012).

Rate: $ 25.00 / Hour
[$ 2000.00 project minimum]

Note: Custom developed Windows applications can take a very long time depending on the functionality desired. It can be very expensive for projects that take more than a year to develop. An average Windows program can take 6 months to 2 years. Keep in mind custom software is more suited for companies planning to resell the software for profit.

Web Developer

I develop web backends that drive your front end layout/theme. I also work with designers if you need a custom UI design. I develop mainly with PHP 5+, MySQL 5+, CSS, jQuery/Ajax.

Rate: $ 30.00 / Hour
[$ 500.00 project minimum]

eCommerce Solutions

I also work with Magento CE 1.7-1.9.x to create full eCommerce web sites. I can also assist with product import/export via .csv files.

  • Initial Magento installation: $ 100.00
  • Purchased template installation and configuration: $ 50.00 Each
  • Custom php coding for dynamic content: $30.00 / Hour ($500 minimum)

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About Me

I have been programming since 1981 in various languages and on various platforms. I mainly work on LAMP servers now (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). I have 19 years of experience developing with perl, also.

Technologies I use for Linux systems: PHP, perl, xhtml, CSS, jQuery/Ajax, JavaScript, xml, MySQL, sh

Technologies I use for Windows Desktop Applications: Visual Basic 2010, Visual C++ 2010

I am currently studying for a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology, with emphasis on software analysis and development. This is just to serve as a benchmark for the 34+ years of experience I already have.

Why Hire Me

Why Hire Me

  • Expert Problem Solver

    I am an expert problem solver, which is the primary key to a good software package. (Software is created to solve problems.)

  • Object Oriented Programming Style

    OOP is a standard I have used for decades. It is 2nd nature.

  • You will love my code

    Neat and organized code. Good comments/documentation in the code.

    I can write operations manuals, as well as training videos, if desired. I use Corel Video Studio Pro x7 for creating 720i/1080i HD video in mpg, wmv, avi and DVD format.

  • I Deliver on Time

    I can deliver in a timely manner for realistic milestones.


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